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Noah Technologies is a manufacturer of high-purity and high-technology chemicals for research and production. Originally established in 1978 in Farmingdale, NY, the company moved to San Antonio in 1985 to expand its manufacturing capabilities and product portfolio.

This move allowed for larger-scale production verses smaller laboratory quantities the company originally specialized in. More than 35 years later, Noah Technologies has become a leader in creating custom chemical products used in new emerging technologies.

Noah Technologies takes pride in utilizing the most modern methods of production and analysis. Our chemicals and metals are available in various purities and particle sizes and can be supplied in laboratory and/or bulk quantities. We also offer custom synthesis and have technical staff available to work with customers on specific requirements.

Noah is certified to ISO 9001:2015 and all material is produced under strict quality control. This certification assures our customers we are dedicated to the consistent quality of our products and service.

Our Commitment to You

Noah Technologies enjoys an industry-wide reputation for superior quality and customer service. Principals consistent with good scientific maintenance are closely followed and exceeded at our facility.

Our team offers myriad specialties and talents, all of which further our goal of supplying high-technology chemicals that meet or exceed our customer's requirements. At Noah Technologies, we consistently place emphasis on manufacturing excellence to ensure the highest technology with the highest efficiency.

Customer satisfaction is a top priority Noah and is maintained through continual improvement. To ensure the quality of our products and the traceability and documentation for all operations performed by our company, we adhere to and are certified to the ISO 9001:2015 Quality System.

Our operating teams are focused on the continued growth of Noah Technologies’ areas of practice and expertise. We’re proud to say our employees are working hard to achieve new vision in various high technologies.

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