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Here's a deeper look at the many uses of Sodium Cyanide from Noah Tech.


Sodium Cyanide formula: NaCN


Sodium Cyanide (NaCN) heralds a molecular weight of 49.008 g/mol with a melting point of 563.888° F. The highly toxic salt commonly appears as a white solid and is redolent of almonds. NaCN is water, ammonia, methanol, and ethanol soluble. Sodium Cyanide is toxic to humans and must be handled with extreme care. A non-lethal dose of the substance has a half-life of 20-60 minutes. Sodium cyanide uses in industrial spheres provide a multitude of practical applications, with limited consumer use.



Noah Technologies announced the appointment of Jamie Hong as Chief Executive Officer, effective September 1st, 2020. Mr. Hong most recently served as Digital Supply Chain Operations Leader at Ernst & Young.

As CEO of Noah Technologies, Mr. Hong’s objectives are to capitalize on the company’s existing relationships with world-class chemical clients by emphasizing scientific problem solving, outstanding quality, and exceptional customer service. Owner Sonya Blumenthal commented on her excitement about Mr. Hong’s appointment to CEO. “Jamie brings the right experience and skill set to take Noah Technologies to the next level of innovation, quality and sustainable solutions. We look forward to having Mr. Hong build on our 40+ year foundation for the next 40+ years!”